Bringing the Text to Life

Sofas in the Streets Matthew 28:1-10

Sofas in the Streets

The Dutch citizens in Delft wanted to slow down speeding motorists, so they put old couches, tables and planters in the streets. It’s hard to get us to slow down; sometimes, not even a resurrection will do it.

Easter Sunday morning.

Christ is risen!

Let’s slow down and think about that for a few moments.

“Slow down” is the operative phrase because if there’s one thing Americans don’t know how to do it’s how to slow down.

Hop on any highway, and you’ll see drivers hitting speeds that used to belong only to professional race-car drivers. Or moonshiners.

Posted speed limits are now thought of by many people as minimums ... not maximums. When USA Today analyzed 1.2 million tickets on interstate highways in 18 states, comparing them to similar tickets from a decade ago, they came to the conclusion that we’re speeding faster than ever, and that we’re speeding further above the new, higher speed limits than we used to speed above the old, lower speed limits.

This surprises no one. So now, people are taking action.

In the Dutch city of Delft, for example. Americans aren’t the only ones with speed-in-the-street problems. It sounds ...

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