Bringing the Text to Life

Karma, Baby! Hebrews 10:11-14 (15-18) 19-25

Karma, Baby!

Karma is gaining traction in pop culture, but grace carries the day in Christ-culture.

What do Britney Spears’ maternal instincts, the owner of Homer Simpson’s local convenience store and NBC’s sitcom My name is Earl all have in common?

“Karma, baby!”

That itself is a line borrowed from Alicia Keys’ song, “Karma”: “It’s called karma, baby … and it goes around. What goes around comes around. What goes up must come down.” Although the lyrics are lame, they do point to the way that Hindu concepts have become part of our pop culture landscape.

Hindu is hip and Karma has gone kitsch.

Earlier this year, Britney Spears had her baby son blessed in a Malibu Hindu temple — a blessing he’ll need if he travels a lot in his mom’s SUV. Apu is the loveable Hindu owner of the Kwik-E Mart who sells Homer tofu hot dogs and other convenience store delights, all under the shadow of statues of the gods Vishnu and Ganesha which are featured prominently in his store. And the popular first season of My Name Is...

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