Bringing the Text to Life

From PDA to PAD Hebrews 4:12-16

From PDA to PAD

The latest trend in personal information technology is a retro device with roots as ancient as the Bible.

Attention all you tech-savvy gadget freaks: Stop texting for a minute and pay attention.

There’s a hot new device that is taking the personal information technology market by storm. Sales of this device have doubled in the past year to more than 2 million and devotees are clogging the Web with blogs raving about it. Check out some of the features:

• You can enter information in it faster than you can tap into a PDA.

• It requires no power source.

• It will never need an upgrade and the information is transfer-able to any future technology.

• It will not break if dropped or fry if made wet.

• It has a large storage capacity which, when exceeded, is easily remedied with the purchase of another device, which would seem like a scam except that …

• Each device costs only $15.

• It only comes in black, but since black goes with everything, it’s all good.

• It fits in your pocket.

• It has a cool name — Moleskine — which is pronounced variously as “Moleskin” (not to ...

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