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Cramming for Marriage Mark 10:2-16

Cramming for Marriage

You’d think a cruise trip to celebrate retirement would be good for a marriage. It’s not. Jesus can help us with what’s good for a marriage.

Imagine boarding your cruise ship, headed for a beautiful vacation destination and you hear the porter sound a curious message.

“All aboard! Next port of call — Bahamas. There you’ll find gorgeous white sand beaches for your relaxation, a lively local market for your shopping needs and the Nassau International Divorce Courts should any mid-cruise issues have put your marriage in jeopardy.”

Not so strange according to Sayoko Nishida, author of the book Why Are Retired Husbands Such a Nuisance?

We’ve heard stereotypical stories of the hyper-driven Japanese executive. Nishida’s book claims that these men have spent the better part of their married years away from their families and wedded to their busy careers. They’ve worked on their jobs dutifully and their marriages pitifully. When they finally retire they don’t have the foundation of healthy communication patterns and an enjoyable relationship to sustain their newfound marital...

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