Bringing the Text to Life

Jesus Doesn’t Use IVR! John 6:1-21

Jesus Doesn’t Use IVR!

Stuck in the purgatory of automated phone systems? Here’s how to get a real person who can help!

If you’ve recently tried to call your insurance, credit card, utility or any of the other myriad companies you deal with on a daily basis, your call was no doubt answered by a pleasant but dispassionate voice inviting you to spend the next hour or so trapped in a kind of electronic purgatory.

Welcome to the advent of IVR or “interactive voice response” — a way for you to feel like you are talking to someone without actually doing so.

In 2002 alone, companies spent some $7.4 billion to beef up their IVR systems, placing more and more layers of menus and information between themselves and their customers. In other words, many companies have found that it simply costs too much in terms of time and personnel to spend time chatting with us about our needs. Given the fact that trying to find a human to provide assistance on the other end of the line is a postmodern pipedream, it would be better for these corporations to just give us the real scoop up front. Imagine...

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