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The Trash Trail Psalm 130

The Trash Trail

When our personal failures make us filthy and frustrated, God provides a sin removal system that safely takes away the trash.

Landfills, recycling centers, sewage treatment plants and toxic waste dumps.

Scenic spots they’re not. Rick Steves has yet to take a camera crew to the Superfund 29th and Mead Groundwater Contamination site in Wichita, Kansas.

But sometimes our spiritual health requires some serious trash-talk.

We don’t like to visualize these locations, especially in this season of summer vacations in picturesque places. We don’t have any desire to visit them, see them, or smell them. But they are incredibly important destinations for each and every one of us.

Fact is, we need to get rid of our garbage. We’ve talked about the need to get rid of our junk and clean up our clutter in Homiletics many times. But the operative question here is: “Where does all the trash go?”

Navigate the EPA Web site ( and you can follow the sludge. Today’s text, however, helps us track our spiritual trash. Psalm 130 extends a promise to help with the disposal of...

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