Bringing the Text to Life

FANAFI Acts 1:1-11


“Find a need and fill it” is good advice for entrepreneurs and for churches. Question is, what (or whom) do people really need?

It’s a classic “riches-to-rags-to-riches” story:

Steve Gottry was a successful entrepreneur who, by 1992, had expanded his advertising agency into a multimillion dollar company with 10 employees. He had an airplane, a boat and five cars — living the dream, as it were.

By 1994, the dream had disappeared faster than a fart in a hurricane. Gottry nearly lost it all due to a downturn in the economy, bad debts and personal missteps. On top of that, he lost much of his house in a fire and his wife and daughter both had serious health problems. While not quite a full-on Job-ian tale, Gottry’s experience was a wake-up call.

Having hit bottom, he decided to go back to basics and retool his life and business according to one simple principle — FANAFI — an acronym for “find a need and fill it.” Using that principle as a guide, Gottry was able to build a new business and, as many in this situation are wont to do, write a book about his failure...

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