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Bad Breath and Smelly Feet Numbers 21:4-9

Bad Breath and Smelly Feet

Like curing smelly bacteria with other bacteria or healing snake bites with another snake, God brings healing from death through another Death.

Bad breath and smelly feet.

They don't exactly top the list of qualities we look for in romantic interests, friends or coworkers. Hence the obsession by those who possess these malodorous emissions to eliminate their social impact.

Suggested home remedies for bad breath abound. One can chew a whole clove, brush teeth twice a day with baking powder, suck the juice from a cut lemon, chew a mouthful of sunflower seeds and then drink water, swallow probiotic enzymes to balance stomach digestion, gargle pineapple juice, eat parsley, or use dental floss that has been pre-soaked with tree seed oil. Wow!

And for those who have fragrant, if not flagrant, feet, there're plenty of gimmicks you might try as well. You can change your socks twice a day, dust your feet with absorbent cornstarch, take daily oral zinc tablets, or slather armpit antiperspirant on your soles and between your toes (yes ... people do this). However, the most commonly suggested remedy for embarrassing foot stench is to soak...

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