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Naked Streets Isaiah 43:18-25

Naked Streets

When driving in city traffic it never hurts to have too many signs: Assured of where we’re going, we feel free to elbow our way as much as possible, being impolite and rude along the way.

Today’s reading is from the word of the Lord to Isaiah:

“Do not remember the former signage, or consider the stoplights, yield signs or speed limits of old. Urban planners are about to do a new thing; even now it springs forth in Holland and London, and perhaps soon in Saskatoon, do you not perceive it? They make a way in the trafficked wildness of urban centers and smooth all traffic flow in the wasteland of our busy streets. Urbanites honor them, both the pedestrians and the drivers; for these engineers give a strange new order in our cities, a new flow in the avenues and boulevards ... They will not burden us with gridlock, nor long lines at red lights; they will not encumber us with cross-walks, or bike paths; they will not hinder us with yellow center lines, or stop signs. They will blot out traffic rules on city streets, and remember our violations no more” (Isaiah 43:18-20, modified).

That’s really not a reading from Isaiah — like you didn’t know — but it’s true.

Urban planners...

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