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Jesus Christ Can’t Get a Driver’s License Mark 1:29-39

Jesus Christ Can’t Get a Driver’s License

Jesus Christ can’t drive in West Virginia, but he can drive, and drive with power!

Asked to identify one or two of the most timeless and/or perplexing questions of Christian theology, you might mumble something about theodicy, or christology, Erasmus and Luther’s debates on free will, infant baptism or whether “Awesome God” is really good music.

Or you might wonder what possessed Pat Robertson to suggest that the United States “take out” Venezuela’s anti-Bush leader, Chavez, because it would be cheaper than starting a war. Sigh.

You’re not likely to ask, “What Would Jesus Drive?” simply because you’ve heard that question before. And yawned.

Of course, it’s a real question being asked by a Christian environmentalist group (

In any case, whether Jesus would drive a Ford Expedition or a fuel-friendly Toyota Prius is a moot point.

Because Jesus Christ can’t get a driver’s license. So there you have it.

We know this because he applied for one in West Virginia. And the...

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