Bringing the Text to Life

Jesus Eyes Isaiah 9:2-7

Jesus Eyes

A high-tech system called Argus helps the blind to see, while Jesus brings light and new vision to all who are walking in darkness.

[NOTE: Begin by putting on a pair of sunglasses, and look out over the congregation.]

It’s Christmas Eve. Not the night you would expect to stand before an SRO crowd wearing a cool pair of shades.

Who knows? This could be a look that will catch on.

[Here you can remove the sunglasses and hold them up for all to see.]

It seems odd to be wearing sunglasses at night, but for an unsighted — blind — person, this accessory will soon make perfect sense. A special pair of shades that can deliver the gift of sight is now in development.

Called “Argus” — named after the mythological Greek god who had 100 eyes — this innovative system can help blind people to see by providing them with an artificial retina.

Here’s how it works: A small video camera is mounted on a pair of sunglasses. This camera is connected to a tiny electronic implant in the eye. The implant is connected to damaged photoreceptors on the patient’s retina — photoreceptors known as rods and cones. Then the images from the camera pass...

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