Bringing the Text to Life

Scent of a Savior Isaiah 40:1-11

Scent of a Savior

A new candle called “His Essence” claims to give you the fragrance of Christ.

Looking for the ideal Christ candle to complete your Advent wreath?

Bob and Karen Tosterud have the perfect solution: a candle that not only reminds you of Jesus, but actually smells like Jesus.

While other candles offer the aromas of fruit or spices, the Tosteruds have invented a candle that, when lit, emanates with the fragrance of Christ himself — hence the name, “His Essence.”

Call it “WWJSL”: What Would Jesus Smell Like?

Visit the Holy Land and you can walk where Jesus walked; buy this candle and you can smell like Jesus smelled.

“We see it as a ministry,” says Bob, who along with Karen came up with the idea when they read a passage from Psalm 45, a wedding psalm, which refers to the bridegroom as having robes that are “fragrant with myrrh and aloes and cassia” (45:8). The Tosteruds interpret this passage as a messianic psalm that describes the olfactory essence of Jesus when he returns.

Wondering what a combination of myrrh, aloe ...

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