Bringing the Text to Life

Fat Tire Fathers 1 Thessalonians 2:9-13

Fat Tire Fathers

Guys these days are into bigger baby buggies — strollers that look like Hummer SUVs. But to be a spiritual parent, you’re going to need more than a cool perambulator.

It’s got all the gearhead guys gawking and talking.

Introducing the aptly named “Ironman” — a beefy vehicle geared for both the street and the trail.

Check the specs — fat all-terrain tires, elastometer shock absorbers, “plush suspension for on-road comfort and performance.” Plus, it looks cool with a sleek design and colors like black or racing yellow. It’s the kind of ride that makes men stop in the tracks when they see one in use and ask their owner testosterone-fueled questions like, “Are those 14- or 16-inch wheels?” and “How’s it handle off-road?”

The Ironman, though, is no next-generation SUV. Truth is that it only seats one. And the occupant has to weigh less than 35 pounds.

That’s because it’s a baby stroller built with gadget-obsessed dads in mind.

The somewhat pedestrian (and, some would say, feminine) design of junior’s every-day ride has been pumped up with new features that have...

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