Bringing the Text to Life

Mint Errors Matthew 22:15-22

Mint Errors

There’s a problem with some Wisconsin state quarters causing people to take a close look at their coins. During this season of stewardship, we should do the same.

Stewardship season is here, and with it comes an annual preaching assignment that many pastors dread. Preaching about stewardship often seems a “once more, with feeling” duty. But armed with a sharp hook, a solid interpretation of Scripture and a generous supply of illustrative material, you might find that crafting your message about money is not all that maddening. You’ll find mint errors peppered throughout to help you keep the theme in mind. Consider the following elements as potential building blocks for your call to generous giving.

The Hook: Hold up a quarter and say ...

Twenty-five cents.

Big deal.

If you have any quarters in your pocket or change purse right now, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out how much they are worth. Whether you call it a quarter, two bits or a 25-cent piece, each one is worth 25 cents. In some places, five of them will still get you a cup of coffee, 10 of them a mocha latte, maybe.

But there is a slight chance that you...

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