Bringing the Text to Life

Escape-a-Date Romans 6:12-23


The latest wizardry allows you to pre-program a cell phone to ring at just the right moment. The apostle Paul says the phone is already ringing.

How do you escape a blind date, once it goes sour?

Granted, blind dates are a distant memory for a lot of us. But we can empathize with those for whom dating, not to speak of blind dating, still evokes the fear factor.

Many twenty- and thirtysomething people can recall those social experiments which went awry within five minutes. The kind where you spend an evening of awkward, if not one-sided, conversation that resembles more an interview or exchanges of curriculum vitae, than a slow, simple and pleasant engagement.

Help! What is one to do when caught in a date that’s going from bad to worse?

One can either endure it, or fake a fainting spell, food poisoning or maybe an onslaught of the flu.

But wait, none of these tricks is necessary if one has the latest technological wizardry from Cingular Wireless and Virgin Mobile.

Recently, both cell phone companies began offering “Escape-A-Date,” a rescue service for those caught in awkward moments. You can pre-program a cell phone to call you...

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