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Are Men Done For? Genesis 1:1-2:4a

Are Men Done For?

Geneticist Bryan Sykes calculates that the males of our species are halfway down the road to extinction, with just 125,000 years to go.

A world without men.

For most, such a world would be a diminished world.

But for some, including this female observer, it could work. She says: “Without men, life would be much easier. Wouldn’t have to shave my legs, go on a diet, dye my hair or wear panty hose.”

Well, okay, then.

It’s one of those topics that evokes a lot of discussion and easy, mostly friendly, banter, because everyone knows that as long as there’s human life, there’ll always be men around to irritate women, and women around to confuse men.


Pay attention: Back when each of us was merely a tiny colorless cluster of cells in our mother’s womb, we were indistinguishable. But then, for some of us, something happened that changed everything — a sort of explosion on one of our chromosomes triggered an irreversible chain reaction, reset the parameters of our journey toward birth and changed our whole future. That occurrence, unnoticed by even our mother, determined that when we were finally pushed out into the world,...

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