Bringing the Text to Life

Dead Like Me John 11:1-45

Dead Like Me

A college drop out finds her life cut short by a piece of flying space junk, only to wake up in a group of grim reapers with a number ofreal-life lessons to learn.

Getting your kicks.

The ultimate wake-up call came to Georgia “George” Lass courtesy of ... a toilet seat.

“George” had been sleepwalking her way through life. An aimless college student who drove her family nuts with her cynicism and lack of motivation, she dropped out of school and reluctantly landed a job at a temp agency, and that only because of her mother’s ceaseless prodding.

Her life changed on a lunch break where, standing on the street, she’s instantly killed by a falling piece of the burned-up MIR Space Station ... the toilet seat.

End of story? Hardly.

Immediately following her fatal encounter with interstellar Soviet-era bathroom hardware, George finds herself standing again on the street amid the gathering crowd. She doesn’t realize that she’s dead until a kindly man named Rube points out her remains (which are driven deep into the pavement) and tells her that she’s now a member of the Rube-led Pacific Northwest ...

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