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Whiffle Rules Ephesians 5:8-14

Whiffle Rules

Kickball dodgeball, and whiffle-ball are now making a comeback among adults, and the rules are clear because the games are ... shall we say ... intense.

Getting your kicks.

That’s what people care about when they gather on Saturdays in Prospect Park, near the picnic house, in Brooklyn, New York. They set up a field using old records for bases, pump up a red ball, and then play a fierce game of kickball.

They’re members of the Brooklyn Kickball Society formed a few years ago to give music industry vets, rock scribes, bartenders, record store clerks and teachers the chance to run, kick things, and have balls bounce off their heads.

The one thing you won’t see is kids. On Saturdays in Prospect Park, kickball is for adults. “If you think indie rockers aren’t competitive,” says Chris Larry in The Village Voice, “then you haven’t been spiked by a base runner at second base.”

Playground sports are back, big time — and the players are all grown up. Well, sort of. In addition to the Brooklyn Kickball Society, there is also the World Adult Kickball Association, which claims to...

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