Bringing the Text to Life

Saint Expeditus Matthew 4:1-11

Saint Expeditus

Did Jesus use Scripture to get out of a jam? No, and we shouldn’t either.

When times get tough, people require more than platitudes. They need real-time solutions.

That’s why a Brazilian homemaker named Maria recently took desperate measures. Unable to count on support from her husband’s business after a brutal economic downturn, Maria hit the streets in search of a job — only to receive a pile of rejection letters after weeks of looking.

So Maria went out on a limb and lifted up a prayer to Saint Expeditus, the patron saint of urgent causes.

In no time she got a phone call — an import shop needed a salesperson to start right away. Maria was convinced that her prayer had been answered, since getting a job in Brazil these days “almost qualifies as a miracle.”

The word got around, and soon a friend accompanied Maria to the Saint Expeditus Chapel to pray that she would be offered a shoe-saleswoman job she was interested in. Now worshipers at the chapel’s Sunday Mass are overflowing onto the streets, as Saint Expeditus becomes the object of cult-like devotion for...

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