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The Stormy Star Matthew 17:1-9

The Stormy Star

Like the ball of fire that sustains all life on Earth, Jesus is our source of energy and closest connection to the power of the cosmos. No surprise that his face, on the day of Transfiguration,“shone like the sun.”

Good seeing.

That’s what astronomers love more than anything else. “Good seeing” means that the Earth’s atmosphere is calm and free of dust, and the sky takes on a dark blue color. Astronomers will climb to the very tops of mountains, well above the cloud deck, in search of a sky clear enough to enable them to capture sharp and stable images of heavenly bodies.

What fascinates a number of astronomers today is the star that sits at the very center of our solar system: the sun.

They study the sun because it is the origin of virtually all the energy that supports life on Earth. It’s the source of our weather, the controller of our climate, and our closest connection to the processes that power the universe.

“The sun is the Rosetta stone of astrophysics,” says scientist Göran Scharmer to National Geographic. “But it’s a stone that we haven’t been able to decrypt entirely.” Although the sun has been burning for 4.6 billion ...

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