Bringing the Text to Life

DIY Religion Acts 10:34-43

DIY Religion

From home-improvement projects to print-your-own photos, almost everything is moving toward do-it-yourself. Even religion. There’s a problem, however, with self-service salvation.


They’re the ones streaming out of a crowded Home Depot or Lowe’s store on Saturday afternoon, pushing a cartload of stuff — perhaps a new tubular skylight, power drill, caulking gun, joint tape, trowels, pans, hammers, miter saw and the like. They’re facing a project — however grimly— and they’re going to do it themselves.

But this DIY movement is not just about home improvement. The impulse is seen also when we print our own photos, make our own movies, or publish our own book without the services of professionals.

It’s only a matter of time until the same I-can-do-it-myself attitude pops up in the church.

And it has. In many places across America today, small clusters of people are creating their own worship services and special-interest prayer cells, without benefit of clergy or denominational guidance.

There are noteworthy differences in these groups, including their motivations for coming together and in how they worship. While many are gatherings of Christians, the DIY...

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