Bringing the Text to Life

Average Joe Matthew 1:16, 18-25

Reality TV producers know that it is one thing for a bevy of beauties to vie for the attentions of a rich guy; what happens when it’s a average Joe instead? Yet, one day long ago, God hand-picked a Joe who wasn’t so average and entrusted a young Jewish girl and her unborn child to his care and protection.

Melana Scantlin is a name you’d recognize only if you’re in the 18-35 demographic so prized by the media moguls of television. She’s a former NFL cheerleader, former Miss Missouri. She’s beautiful, she’s blonde and she’s brainy—or at least light years ahead of Paris Hilton, which, of course, is faint praise.

She’s the beauty squaring off against the beast in television’s latest reality series, Average Joe. The premise is that, while it’s a no-brainer to be attracted to a hunk with washboard abs and $50 million stashed away in mutual funds, it’s something else to fall for someone who’s plain and unexceptional, who’s a toothy geek with a goofy grin, befreckled on his face, and bedeviled by failure, and whose discomfort suggests the manner of someone quietly suffering from a bad case of the Baghdad boils.

When Fox TV first introduced Melana to 16 of these average Joes, she reportedly ran screaming off into the Palm Spring desert. Later, she returned, after being convinced to give ...

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