Bringing the Text to Life

Return of the King Luke 21:25-36

Return of the King

You don’t need to go to the third and final movie of the Lord of the Rings trilogy opening in a few weeks to find out what happens when the King returns. It’s all right here in Luke.

For an alternate approach pertaining to 1 Thessalonians 3:9-13, see Babysitting Blues.

He looks like a mess, not like a Messiah.

Imagine long, greasy hair and an unshaved face. Skin covered with dirt and grime, streaked with sweat from the exertion of a long journey. He belongs in a homeless shelter, not on a royal throne.

And yet, the man is a king.

If you’re picturing Jesus, you’re not far from the truth. After all, we can imagine a long-haired Jesus walking the long and dusty road to Jerusalem where he is greeted and treated like a rock star and days later abused like a fallen star. The sign on his cross taunted: “This is the King of the Jews” (23:38).

Now, the King is back, both in our text and in the movie. Christ is certainly an uncommon king, no doubt about it. But so is Aragorn. This man is the son of Arathorn, chieftain of the Dunedain of Arnor, Captain of the Host of the West, bearer of the Star of the North and wielder of the Sword Reforged.

In the fantasy of The Lord of the Rings Aragorn rules, and millions of fans will be seeking him in just a few days, when...

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