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Is Your HappyLite On? Job 38:1-7 (34-41)

Is Your HappyLite On?

Researchers have discovered that a blast of brightness can make a difference to sufferers of Seasonal Affective Disorder, which raises the possibility that each of us — like the long-suffering Job — can use more light in our lives.

For an alternate approach pertaining to Mark 10:35-45, see EZ-Pass on page 52.

It was a dark day for Job.

So black, in fact, that this unhappy old man sat right down on a heap of dung — a mound of manure.

Job’s losses were painful and depressing. His entire family was lost, and all his animals, all his tents, all his wealth and worldly goods, even his health, were lost — all gone.

He was caught unaccountably, unexpectedly, in a snare of despair, despondency and desolation.

We’ve all been there, to some degree. We’ve felt a similar loneliness, a comparable isolation and a certain lack of motivation. And we ask the same question that Job asked — “Why me?”

There are no doubt times when we, too, feel as though the bulb of happiness has burnt out. When this happens, people who know about such things tell us to exercise more, out-of-doors if possible, indoors if necessary.

We should also allow more light into our lives at work and at home, we’re told. Open the windows and doors, pull back the curtains, raise the shades. In classrooms, restaurants, at home or the office,...

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