Bringing the Text to Life

Kisses on Wheels Mark 8:27-38

Kisses on Wheels

Companies are rolling out the mobile billboards in the form of Kissmobiles and Mr. Peanut’s Hot Rods, and sometimes we feel we need to proclaim our faith through similar eye-catching advertisements. But Peter cuts to the chase with a simple confession, and so should we.

For an alternate approach pertaining to
James 3:1-12, see Picabo’s Problem.

It’s 11 feet high, has two kisses, one hug, is adored by children, weighs over 13,000 pounds and is completely mobile.

The Hershey Kissmobile. Once you see it, you won’t forget it — which is the whole point.

Dan Brice, who drives one of these rolling ads, feels like a rock star, given all the attention he gets. He’s in charge of three of the Kissmobiles, which each average 50,000 miles a year in the 48 weeks they are on the road. Recent college graduates are usually behind the wheel. Hershey’s calls them Chocolate Ambassadors.

Their job? Spread the good news of milk chocolate.

Each Kissmobile consists of three fiberglass candies on a raised platform, the first housing the driver’s cockpit, the second a multimedia center featuring “kids’ karaoke,” and the third — it is actually a Hug, not a Kiss — is a giant refrigerator holding no fewer than 230,000 Kisses, which are given out to children.

But Kissmobiles aren’t the only mobile eye-catching advertisements on the road. There’s the Schick ...

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