Bringing the Text to Life

Every 11 Seconds Mark 6:30-34, 53-56

Every 11 Seconds

A wildfire is raging across Africa, consuming people at the rate of 6,500 a day. We can fight this inferno, following the example of Jesus who loved, touched and healed the sick and suffering people of his time.

A wildfire is raging. And it’s wiping people out. Bono, rock star and lead singer of U2, has seen it firsthand.

His first trip to Africa was in the early 1980s. It was a life-changing experience. “A woman asked me to please take her child. ‘If he stays with me, he will die,’ she said, ‘If he goes with you, I know he will live.’”

He went on to say that he would never get over the trauma of seeing people in African refugee camps “queuing up to die, three to a bed.”

He was outraged — a sense of moral indignation he claims to have inherited from his Irish father. “We can get cold fizzy drinks to the farthest reaches of Africa,” he said, “but we can’t get lifesaving medicines to the people who need them — medicines that are very cheap for us to make.”

All across Africa, an out-of-control inferno is consuming people at the rate of 6,500 per day. The death and destruction are horrifying — with men, women and children being killed around the clock — relentlessly, inexorably, unremittingly. And ...

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