Bringing the Text to Life

Heaven for Twenty Mil 2 Kings 2:1-12a

Heaven for Twenty Mil

It’s no problem these days to book a seat on a heavenly ride if you’ve got rubles for a Russian rocket. Christians, however, need neither rubles nor dollars to get into the heavens. They need only anti-gravitational grace.

From ’N Sync to ’N Space.

That’s where Lance Bass, one of the stars of the boy-band ’N Sync wanted to go — in the nose of a Russian rocket. But when he couldn’t pull together $20 million for the ticket, Bass was bumped.

“No Dough, No Go,” reported The Washington Post.

Russia soared into the space tourism business two years ago when California investment banker Dennis Tito plopped down $20 mil and became the first person to bankroll his own ride into orbit. South African millionaire Mark Shuttleworth soon followed in his footsteps.

Lance Bass wanted to be next, but not with his own cash. He wanted to fly to heaven using other people’s money. After approaching Radio Shack and Pepsi for sponsorship, Bass spent several months in Russia, modeling spacesuits and undergoing training. He was following the lead of a Hollywood promoter who believed that the next great frontier in space was going to belong to celebrity game shows.

Problem was, nobody paid. The Russians waited and waited and finally...

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