Bringing the Text to Life

The Tipping Point Mark 1:29-39

The Tipping Point

When an idea, a product or a social behavior finally - after perhaps years - catches on and takes off, we say that it has “tipped.” There are many aspects of our Christian faith that have tipped and transformed our culture. So what should we be tipping today?

Pig intestines.

They’re making cash for Shauna Anderson. She had this idea that there were large pockets of people in the Washington, D.C., area, many from the South, who grew up eating chitlins - a regional delicacy made of pig intestines. These people missed eating them, and they didn’t know how to cook them.

In late 1995, Anderson quit her government job and opened the Chitlin Market, selling hand-cleaned raw chitlins in 10-pound buckets. The operation started in Mount Rainier, Maryland, and grew so fast she had to move it to a larger storefront in Hyattsville, Maryland. In September 2000, she reached a tipping point, and converted to an Internet-only business,

What is intriguing to marketers and sociologists is what causes, or pushed, something to suddenly take off. How is it that a movie like My Big Fat Greek Wedding, starts in a couple hundred theaters in April of last year and in August is still in the theaters, now over a thousand nationwide, and a bona fide ...

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