Bringing the Text to Life

Instant God 2 Kings 5:1-14

Instant God

Naaman would have felt right at home in our rapid-fire culture, wanting Elisha to wave his hands and say some magic words and make him well in a nanosecond. There’s a problem with wanting everything so fast, however, especially when it comes to healing and new life.
For an alternate approach pertaining to 1 Corinthians 9:24-27, see Jesus, Lewis, and Clark on page 57.


The warm, gooey, breakfast paste that Mom used to make you eat on a cold winter morning before you shuffled off to school. The stuff that sticks to your ribs and stays with you for most of the morning, like wet plaster on lathe.

Some of us remember those days. If Mom was in a good mood, we might get brown sugar to sprinkle over the oatmeal, and she might even let us have a spoonful of vanilla extract to mix in with the mix. Breakfast was an ordeal back in those days.

Not any more. Kellogg and other companies introduced breakfast cereals as an alternative to cooked grains like oatmeal. Of course, you had to sit down at the table, pour the cereal into the bowl, add milk, grab a spoon and eat - and soon this seemed like too much to do. So the American public opted for toaster food like Pop Tarts. But you have to wait for the toaster to warm them up, so we then went to granola bars.

Then Kellogg came up with “Breakfast Mates,” a single portion packaged with its own milk, bowl...

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