Bringing the Text to Life

The 150-year-old Child Isaiah 61:10-62:3

The 150-year-old Child

According to many biogeneticists, there is a baby among us who will be alive for a century and a half. Scientists have launched a concerted attack on the aging process, with attempts being made to expand the human life span. But as we go forward into the new year, living well is a more faithful focus for us than simply living long.

She was on Good Morning America with journalist Diane Sawyer to show off her new look.

She had had a face lift, breast implants, Botox injections to smooth out the wrinkles, lip resculpting and a chemical peel. She had spent over seven hours in surgery, and the cost for all this body work was in excess of $25,000.

Phyllis Porter is 82 years old.

When questioned about the wisdom of getting all this work done at the age of 82, she said, "What difference does it make if you're 2 or 82? There was no point in waiting until I got any older - and I'm not getting any younger!"

No, Phyllis is not getting any younger, but life spans for the human race are getting longer.

Somewhere on earth - right now - is a child, born during the last 24 months, who will be alive 150 years from now, or maybe even longer.

Impossible? Not at all. Consider that the average human life span at the beginning of the 20th century was 49 years. Many women died at childbirth. Many children died of illness or accident. Many...

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