Bringing the Text to Life

SoulPrints Isaiah 64:1-9


Polygraph machines have long been used to detect liars, but they are unreliable. New truth-telling technologies include brain fingerprinting, thermal imaging, and automated face analysis. But only God can detect the spirit of faithfulness in the heart and soul

Terry Harrington, in prison for the murder of a police officer, walked into the sunlight a free man not long ago, after spending twenty-two years behind bars. Twenty two years. An entire generation. Incarcerated in a cell with little hope of getting out.

He can thank a new truth-telling technology for his freedom: Brain Fingerprinting.

Here's how it works: The brain stores information much like a computer, filing away images and scenes in its files. Wherever we go, whatever we do, the brain is planning, executing and recording information. And so, if we participate in a crime, for example, our brains have conveniently - and unavoidably - saved every image of the offense. The crime scene, the face of our accomplice, the weapon used - all are permanently registered in our brains.

When the FBI showed Harrington images of the crime he ostensibly committed, his brain waves were measured, and guess what?

- Harrington's brain indeed did not recognize the pictures. Details of the murder that...

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