Bringing the Text to Life

Layoff Lust Joshua 24:1-3a, 14-25

Layoff Lust

After a period of recession and terrorism, the evidence is mounting that the American lifestyle may be slowing down. But as we shift to a lower gear, are we laying off our service to God?

We thought we'd be calm by now.

Edgy journalists and hopeful preachers predicted about a year ago that terrorism and war would prompt us to enter into a period of deep, spiritual savoring. We would chuck the ladder-climbing and experience a lifestyle more reminiscent of a saunter than a sprint. We would trade the joy of parking a Beemer at the office for the joy of parking our bods in a hammock.

We would - we were told - not stop to smell only the coffee, but also the roses, honeysuckle, holly and Mom's best homemade mac and cheese. Comfort foods made a comeback. Who cared about fat grams and cholesterol if there was a chance that somebody could detonate a dirty bomb in your favorite restaurant?

Overstuffed sofas and home theatre systems - with the emphasis on "home" - sold like crazy. We nested, in search of consolation. Editorial pages observed a similar transformation in cities from coast to coast. This is what they told us: The tragedies of 2001, with all their sorrow, "brought...

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