Bringing the Text to Life

Be My Guest Matthew 22:1-14

Be My Guest

The cost of an average American wedding is officially out of control, running about $95 per guest. But this pales in comparison to the extravagance of God's love for us, and the generosity he shows when he invites us into his kingdom. How should we RSVP?

The kingdom of heaven is like a king who prepared a wedding banquet for his son" (Matthew 22:2, NIV).

The American public is fascinated with weddings, especially the wedding rites of the rich and famous. Witness the buzz last March when Liza Minnelli, 56, tied the knot with David Gest, 48, in a bizarro-land ceremony in New York, and thereby reviving in one theatrical ceremony a career that hadn't sizzled since her performance in Arthur. More than 1,500 entertainment glitterati were invited to be their guests.

We tuned in a few years ago to see who, if anyone, would want to marry a millionaire. We were curious about the sketchy details of Madonna's marriage to Guy Ritchie. We sent helicopters to buzz over Elizabeth Taylor's estate whenever she decided to remarry.

A beautiful, romantic wedding is the dream of most American girls, and if you're the parents of a daughter or daughters, you're already sinking beaucoup bucks into mutual funds, stocks, bonds and CDs. You know that the day of...

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