Bringing the Text to Life

R.O.I. Matthew 14:13-21


In business, it's all about return on investment. There's only a finite number of resources available -- five loaves, two fish -- and if it runs out the game is over. Jesus and the disciples miraculously make it work.

When Dave Thomas died of liver cancer at the age of 69 last winter, America lost one of its favorite pitchmen. Dave, like the burgers he served, was square -- but there.

He was an ordinary guy, the type of middle-aged, mild-mannered guy you might expect to see behind the counter at any one of the 6,000 Wendy's stores. He'd ask you whether you wanted the Monterey Ranch chicken sandwich, or more bacon on your bacon cheeseburger. He'd invite you to pump as much ketchup as you wanted. He owned the company, and he wanted you to come back.

Dave seemed like an ordinary joe, but he had uncommon business sense. He understood the value of R.O.I.: If you didn't get a return on investment, you'd be out of business before the lard hardened in the fryer.

Return on investment is the percentage you earned for the cash you've invested.

Say you have $100,000 to invest. This $100,000 is called capital. We invest, one year later our $100,000 yields $110,000! That's a good R.O.I.

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