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Face Recognition Matthew 10:24-39

Face Recognition

Special cameras in airports scan 15 people at a time, focusing on the 80 landmarks of the human face. Not that precise recognition of individual faces is really anything new - God has been making positive identifications for years.

140,000. That's the number of hairs on a blonde woman's head.

110,000? That's the number that a black-haired woman has.
So you can forget about "blonde jokes." A hair-counting German scientist has discovered that the fair-haired among us have much fuller heads!

But what about other distinguishing characteristics? Researchers have found that the human face has 80 so-called "landmarks" - including the bridge and tip of the nose, the size of the mouth and eyes, and the cheekbones. These landmarks are used in an increasingly important area of investigation called "biometrics," the process of identifying people by unique physical characteristics. For years, investigators have used fingerprints as a biometric, and of course DNA has been frequently employed for purposes of identification. But now, with powerful computer technology, biometrics can even include identification by retina or iris, using "eye prints."

But what's the point of all this? In a word: security.

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