Bringing the Text to Life

Olympic Christians Matthew 17:1-9

Olympic Christians

We may not witness Jesus transfigured on the mountaintop, or receive new tables of God's holy law, yet we can enthusiastically embrace the five intertwined rings that stand as an emblem of our faith and practice.

Three heroes. They stood tall on the mountain at St. Anton, Austria. One dominated as The Legend. The Herminator. The reigning Olympic gold medalist. Another was a past World Champion. The third sparkled like a new star. The long-awaited hope. The reluctant hero.

Just a year ago, at the Men's Giant Slalom World Championships, Hermann Maier was favored to capture the gold as he had so many times before. Fellow Austrian Stefan Eberharter, who won the event 10 years before, promised to deliver a competitive race. But Daron Rahlves of Truckee, California, surprised them both by finishing first, covering the treacherous, icy course in a breathtaking one minute, 21.46 seconds. Eberharter took second place, and Maier settled for the bronze.

Ever since the closing ceremonies four years ago at Nagano, Japan, these same three champions have had their hearts set on the gold at the 19th Olympiad that opened last night in Salt Lake City. Whereas the ancient Olympic games served as part of a...

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