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Deep Chairness Isaiah 43:1-7

Deep Chairness

Designer desk chairs are hot, no doubt about it. But in the face of relentless attacks on our well-being, we need support for our souls - not simply for our backsides.

[Interactive idea: Place a comfortable chair near the pulpit, in view of the congregation.]

Behold ... the chair.

The seat of success in our high-tech economy.

Right along with food, shelter, clothing, and high-speed Internet access, the chair is becoming one of life's necessities. With all the time we spend sitting these days - in front of a computer, a work station, a desk or a table - a comfortable chair is clearly a key to a quality existence.

[Take a seat in the chair.] It's got to be the right height. Gotta have good lumbar support. A top-grade cushion is nice, as are some armrests and a little rocking action. You want a comfy place to sit as you manipulate your computer mouse, keyboard, laser printer, scanner and the like. [Exit chair.]

But where do you go in your quest for

Some folks are looking to a company called Herman Miller, a crafter of master seats. There's no comfy padding on their Aeron chair - just polyester mesh, woven into a unique design that is light,...

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