Bringing the Text to Life

God's Measuring Stick Jeremiah 32:1-3a, 6-15

God's Measuring Stick

Can we learn to trust in God, whose ways are not our ways, whose thoughts are not our thoughts, whose scales of measurement are not our measurements?

You don't have to be a physicist in order to fully grasp Einstein's concept of relativity. Here's one way to prove the essentially elastic nature of time and space. Spend 20 minutes in a freeway snarl-up. Then spend 20 minutes in a phone conversation with an old friend. Did time pass the same way in both instances? Didn't time fly by when with an old friend? Didn't time grind to a halt when gridlocked on the freeway?

Did the week in which all the kids are home sick with the flu progress at the same chronological time as a week's vacation at the beach? The heart surgeon who slips into a super-concentrated "flow" state of consciousness never realizes she has been on her feet in surgery for eight hours. But that same surgeon looks at her watch every three minutes during an hour-long dinner banquet. A basketball player gets "in the zone" and is able to sustain peak physical performance for two 20-minute halves or four eight-minute quarters. But that same athlete can't keep himself from...

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