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Women for Wire Proverbs 31:10-31

Women for Wire

She's wired and searching the Web, browsing for financial planners, fitness gurus, makeup artists and clothing designers. But how can today's woman find true wisdom and power?

Call her the Diva-in-Residence.

Every month - one of the hot, popular Web sites "by women, for women" - selects one Amazonian model of womanhood to inspire browsers, or maybe intimidate them. The featured diva could be "Barbara" who shines as "a pilot, wife, community volunteer, teacher and board member extraordinaire." The next diva-du-mois, however, could be "Betty Sue" who strives to "make joy her focus."

iVillage touts itself as being the purveyor of "solutions for your life." Its founders, interviewed last year on 60 Minutes, describe their market as "women who treat their computers like any other timesaving appliance." What do women want? They want "solutions" to every quandary from removing cappuccino stains to deciding when to start baby divas on solid food. For stock tips, gardening ideas or recipes, iVillage unravels our workaday world and creates that "village" everybody says it takes to raise us all.

While Web sites for women flood the Internet with...

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