Bringing the Text to Life

More Than Meets the Eye Luke 16:1-13

More Than Meets the Eye

Jesus appears to endorse the secular ethic of "The end justifies the means." Are we mis-reading him, or is it okay occasionally to use dishonest means to achieve an honest end?

The Travelers Group, the insurance and financial services conglomerate that was in the news last spring concerning its merger with Citibank, was one of the sponsors of this year's Masters Golf Tournament. While most television commercials are either dull, unexciting or inane, the commercials for the Travelers Group were intriguing. Consider the following examples.

Scene: A lone canoe being paddled across a calm lake.

Tag line: This is not a canoe; it is an aerobic workout before breakfast.

Scene: An oversized tractor combine being driven down a rural road.

Tag line: This is not a farmer; it is an investor driving his capital investment.

Scene: A Little League baseball game underway on a summer afternoon.

Tag line: This is not a baseball game; it is cash flow for the ice-cream truck.

Scene: A young girl turning somersaults with her friends in an open field.

Tag line: This is not a gymnast; it is a future physicist learning about gravity.

There were other such...

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