Bringing the Text to Life

Speak Up for Forgiveness Philemon 1-20

The Christian faith boasts a "Six Step" Recovery Program to repair and restore broken relationships.

If, as we discussed in last week's sermon ideas, the marriage covenant is sealed in freshness and finality through the culturally dubious virtue of faithfulness, that is still only half the story. In order for one weak, struggling, stumbling, sinful human being to remain faithful to another similarly hamstrung human being, there needs to be an enormous flow of forgiveness between the two. Faithfulness coupled with forgiveness is the best any human relationship can hope to achieve.

Few old saws have been more used, and gone more unsharpened, than "forgive and forget." Our ability to recall old injustices, dredge up insignificant slights and reopen old wounds is masterful. How many of us can remember our parents' anniversary date? How many of us can remember well the day we were punished for something we did not do? Though we have no recollection of all the times our brother helped us with our homework, we remember the way he ridiculed us in front of his friends. The same mind that...

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