Bringing the Text to Life

Wouldn't It Be Great!? Mark 12:28-34

Wouldn''t it be great if we were to love the Lord our God with all our heart (all our emotions), our soul (all our spirit), our mind (all our reason), and our strength (all our body)? And wouldn''t it be great if we had Christians that could love God with all FOUR of these?

One of the most popular series of commercials to hit the airwaves is the series for little-known, small-market-share Keystone Beer. Each ad inevitably starts with the most Joe Average-looking guy imaginable caught in the midst of some dreary, everyday situation. In one, he is home alone in his dumpy little apartment, contemplating which flavorless meal to microwave for his solitary dinner. Then this dismal guy starts wondering out loud, "Wouldn't it be great ... " if the gorgeous woman next door would ring his doorbell; and wouldn't it be great if she said she'd cooked too many steaks and wouldn't he like to join her for one; and wouldn't it be great if in her apartment she had a big-screen TV with the locally blacked-out ball game just starting, and, of course, wouldn't it be great if she offered him a Keystone Beer to perfect this incredibly wishful scenario?

These ads are successful because they tap into that shiny little streak of silly optimism that glints in even the most...

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