Bringing the Text to Life

Half-Dead or Whole Life? Jeremiah 31:27-34

Are we going through life with a serious heart defect which limits our ability to love, give, obey, rejoice and praise?

When you were a kid, was there anything better in life than sneaking into the kitchen and snatching a still warm chocolate chip cookie off the cooling rack? Remember? Crispy and warm with the chocolate still melty and gooey. Could anything beat it? Nothing ... nothing, that is, unless your mom was the kind that allowed you a spoonful of the cookie dough before it was baked.

Sticky and brown-sugar sweet with hidden chips waiting to be licked clean and slowly dissolved on your tongue .... Yes, maybe the cookie dough was the best. But as good as cookie dough and a freshly baked cookie are, the in-between stage is terrible. A half-baked cookie sinks down in the middle, forming a glutinous puddle. When eaten, that same cookie continues to sink -- right to the pit of your stomach like a stone. Half-baked: not really a cookie, not really dough. Gluey and tepid, a half-baked cookie deserves God's treatment for all tepid things -- it gets spewed out of your mouth!

Most things that begin with ...

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