Bringing the Text to Life

The Dailyness of Healing Measures Luke 17:11-19

Thank God for the daily gift of health - physical and spiritual health - and for the surgeries and healing measures that keep us well.

Last fall there was a much-publicized "shootout at the ratings corral" between two highly touted new doctor shows. In their mysterious wisdom, the network executives decided to face "E.R." and "Chicago Hope" off against each other. After opening night, though, the battle was all over. "Chicago Hope" lay bleeding on the floor, while "E.R." rode off as the hero.

"E.R." reflects what an emergency room physician really does. The very nature of an "emergency" room suggests that when you walk in its doors, there is clearly something wrong. The E.R. physician's job is far more straightforward than that of an internist or an oncologist. E.R. doctors sew it up, put it in a cast, send it upstairs for surgery, give it a pill or send it to the morgue. Once out of the E.R., the patient is someone else's responsibility, someone else's worry. Although emergency room physicians may someday save your life, you will never know them like you do your family physician. And they will never know you. It's...

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