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The Potato Vice Syndrome Exodus 32:1-14

The Potato Vice Syndrome

Voice recognition systems can be convenient; they can also be exasperating. They're a reminder that sometimes we not only do not recognize God's voice, we mishear what God is saying to us.

[INTERACTIVE IDEA: If possible, try a voice recognition system (VRS) and see if you can get it to recognize your voice. Then, write the opening sentences of your sermon and read them into the VRS. Type up what the computer has heard, and begin your sermon by reading the VRS text to the congregation. Does it make any sense?]

Communication is the stuff of life and relationships. But, as we all have learned, it is no easy thing. In fact, we're often as likely to be misunderstood as to be understood.

You communicate with your siblings, your parents, your teachers, your friends. It's all very risky. You can't communicate with the family cat. Forget that. The dog will always understand you; when everyone else thinks you're talking gibberish, the dog seems to get it.

You try to communicate with your spouse, but he or she stares at you like you're a phantom menace, an intergalactic space invader from Mars or Venus or something.

Wouldn't it be great if we could invent a machine that would...

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