Bringing the Text to Life

Soul (Mate) on Ice Philippians 3:4b-14

A human time capsule from the Stone Age tips us off to some deeply spiritual truths about what it means to follow Christ in a postmodern culture.

Throughout history, mountains have stood as shrines of the spirit. In September 1991, two German hikers led scientists to a remarkable discovery high in the Alps between Austria and Italy, about 60 miles south of Innsbruck. There the scientists found thawing in the glacial ice the oldest preserved human being ever encountered -- a 5300-year-old Stone-Age homo sapiens.

We have often accused people of living "in the Stone Age." Now, for the first time we can actually know what it was like to live in the stone age. While biologists and chemists and anthropologists all bring their distinct set of questions to this Glacier Man, there are some important questions the church also needs to address to this ancient iceman.

In many ways this five-millennium-year-old time traveler seems less like a "relic from the past," one observer writes, than "an emissary." Could Glacier Man really be the Ice-Saint that cometh today like Job's servant came long ago to teach us some things and to bear...

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