Bringing the Text to Life

The Great Intrusion Mark 13:24-37

The coming of Jesus is the greatest intrusion in human history, and the greatest intrusion in your life. Jesus makes all things new.

It is called the "CNN Complex." The syndrome was first identified and named during the Gulf War, when people from around the world were glued to their screens, watching the same battle scenes and ballistic attacks over and over again. The CNN Complex has come to mean more generally the postmodern addiction to news and bulletins, and most generally the postmodern addiction to information. Whether we understand or comprehend the information or not is immaterial. We have become pathologically addicted simply to the information itself. We ingest information without digesting it, and we do it all the time.

Doubt it? Try this experiment. Take this test. Next time you see someone glance at their watch, go to them immediately and ask them the time. How many can tell you without looking at their watch again? Scarcely anyone. Almost everyone you ask will need to consult his or her watch all over again to give you the information you need. We have come to crave information for information's...

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