Bringing the Text to Life

Home Improvement Jeremiah 23:1-6

God has given us a spiritual home in which to live. When will we move in? When will we appreciate the home we''ve been given?

A recently spotted bumper sticker made the following poignant plea: "You are a child of God. Please call home."

Remember the blockbuster hit movie of the early '80s, "E.T."? The strange little space alien dubbed "E.T." is accidentally left behind by his companions. Through his friendship with a human boy, the creature learns to speak the English language. The first full phrase the stranded visitor communicates to his new friends is "E.T. phone home." It was a phrase that conveyed a whole range of emotions, of heartfelt longings, to everyone who watched the movie.

Who among us hasn't felt the need to "phone home" at different points in our lives? Phoning home puts us in touch with that place where we feel the safest, the most loved, the most familiar.

In the Old Testament text for today, Jeremiah addresses a nation that, like E.T., finds itself in alien territory. The prophet's words offer comfort by proclaiming Yahweh's promise to return them safely to their "fold." The "flock," ...

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