Bringing the Text to Life

The Lord of All Ages Revelation 1:4b-8

No matter how zany, crazy the world we live in, God is still God, the Lord of all ages.

Aaaah, the "good old days." Depending on your perspective, that phrase could mean virtually anything. As time refuses to do us any favors and relentlessly marches on, it creates new "good old days" out of what we thought were the "worst of times" just a few years ago.

For example, it took the political and social radicalism of the 60s to turn the 30s and the 40s _ the years of a Great Depression and a World War _ into the "good old days" for the Booster Generation. It took the unharnessed greed and lust for status and success of the 80s to turn the 60s _ the years of Viet Nam and rampant nuclear arms proliferation _ into the "good old days" for the Boomer Generation. It's taking the social insecurity and technological audacity of the 90s to make the 70s _ the years of economic stagnation at home and terrorism abroad _ into the "good old days" for the Buster Generation.

The same principle applies to the way we romanticize the Old West or forget the benefits of modern medical...

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