Bringing the Text to Life

Witness for the Execution Hebrews 10:11-14 (15-18) 19-25

Witness for the Execution

Prison wardens complain that it is getting tougher to find volunteers to witness the death penalty. While in the ChristBody we don't have to watch an electric chair, we do need to be willing to keep our eyes on the cross.

"He deserves to die, so let him fry."

So say the vast majority of Americans when asked about the appropriateness of the death penalty for Timothy McVeigh. After all, he remorselessly reduced a federal building to rubble, crushing 168 innocent adults and children. Whether he had partners or not is beside the point. He did it, and many of you have no problem with saying: "Hang him high."

But would you watch his death if it were a prime-time special? The notion of a televised execution does, in fact, pop up from time to time. Phil Donahue has proposed showing one, and more recently 60 Minutes host Mike Wallace suggested televising the McVeigh execution.

Talk about violence on the tube! A full-color, real-time, high-definition image of a murderer's being put to death would be a shockingly unforgettable moment. But don't go grabbing for your remote quite yet -- 60 Minutes producer Don Hewitt has already said, "No!"

Of course, the airwaves are full of reality-based...

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